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Hike to Dagri Bangla through Miran Jani Peak in Nathiagali Kpk Pakistan

Nathiagali to Miranjani to Dagri Bangla Track. It is a 24 Km track round trip, which starts from Nathiagali, goes through Miranjani Peak which leads to a thick and quite forest which takes you to Dagri Bangla. Dagri Bangla is a camping spot and seeing the sunset there is a beautiful sight. If you live in Islamabad and love outdoors then you will love this track.

We started the track at around 12 o'clock and got to the camping site at 4.30. The hike till Miranjani is a little tough due to steep ascend. From Miranjani to Dagri its a beautiful walk in the forest with lovely landscape. If you are going to follow the track then remember to take excessive drinking water with you as it is not available on the way. Do bring all your trash back with you as there is no one there to clean it up. Enjoy the pictures from the track.

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We are what we love.

We love to destroy! We love to destroy beliefs. Even the trees of the same species are different. But we can't agree to disagree. We love to destroy our health, our wealth. We love to destroy a person's integrity who is committed to do the right thing. We love to destroy the dignity of a poor man who can't fight for it. We love to destroy the authority of a leader. We love to destroy our children's identity. We love to destroy women and their ambitions. The worst of all we love to destroy hope and yet we love ourselves so very much.

Netflix Shows to Watch if you Love Travelling

MeruR | 1 Hour 30 min | Documentary, Adventure, Action
Three elite climbers struggle to find their way through obsession and loss as they attempt to climb Mount Meru, one of the most coveted prizes in the high stakes game of Himalayan big wall climbing.
If you love mountains, climbing culture and people with extra ordinary will then you will love this movie. This is a documentary but very gripping and doesn't let you loose interest for a minute. The back stories of the climbers make you relate to their struggle and point of view. It is a very underrated movie and you will love it. 5/5 rating from me.
Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father30 min | Reality TV, Comedy, Travel

Jack and Michael begin their journey in Bangkok and immediately clash over accommodations, then visit an odd temple and attend an elephant polo match.
This show is a great mixture of travelling and comedy. Jack(the son who is a stand-up comedian) puts his father(Michael) into some hilarious situations. Michael i…

Netflix Shows Every Photographer Must Watch

Netflix Shows if you love PhotographyChasing IcePG-13 | 1h 15 min | Documentary IMDB: 7.8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 7.5/10
National Geographic photographer James Balog is on a quest to capture the affects of global warming. Watch it all unfold in beautiful time-lapse videos.
Takeaway for your Photography Photo journalism at its best. National Geographic photographer James Balog shows it like it is. It was not an easy job and borderline dangerous to film the locations in given conditions. Despite this there is beautiful photography in the film. The passion of the team is admirable and motivating. The biggest takeaway is to learn how to photograph in extreme conditions. It is a must see show if you love photography. 5/5 rating from me.
Tales by the Light23 min | Documentary | Tv-mini Series IMDB: 8.4/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 94% liked it

Every episode is based on a photographer where they follow their adventures. Watch how the lives of photographers from around the world are. Takeaway f…

Islamabad to Ratti Gali Lake Kashmir

Ratti Gali Lake The Plan It all started with a plan(unlike most other things). The plan was to go somewhere scenic, be close to nature, break the office rut, do some short trek, enjoy the weather, the landscape and come back safe and sound. Too many wants I know but Alhumdolillah it went as planned(unlike most other things).

There were alternate options including Dudipatsar Lake and Aanso Lake. We decided to go ahead with Ratti Gali Lake. We had 3 days to spare and wanted to make every hour count. And boy we are so glad we chose Ratti Gali.
Ratti Gali in Azad Kashmir is approximately 16 hours away from Islamabad. Which depends on the road conditions, the time of the day and year you travel.
Trip Itinerary Islamabad to Muzaffarabad:  3-4 hour journey Muzaffarabad to Doarian: ~6 hour journey depending on traffic and road conditions Doarian to Lake base camp: 2.5 hour jeep drive Base camp to Lake: 1 hour easy trek

Islamabad to Muzaffarabad: 8th September Friday Morning, 3:00AM  We got p…

Islamabad to Skardu Trip

I really wanted to see Skardu and finally this summer(2017) decided to do it. This blog post is about the trip. Destinations covered, the difficulties we faced and why you should do it too if you are a nature lover. Pakistan has so much to offer that it boggles my mind. In a very little span of time and distance you can see terrain ranging from lush green cold mountains, spectacular lakes, barren desert, an entire national park blossoming with flowers to a city which gives you an idea what would be the weather in hell. Here is the trip itinerary plotted on google maps.
Trip Days: 6 Day 1: Islamabad to Naran
Day 2: Naran to Rama
Day 3: Rama to Skardu via Deosai
Day 4: Skardu to Shigger and back to Skardu
Day 5: Skardu to Chillas
Day 6: Chillas to Islamabad
Total Distance covered: 1342 KM Cities/District Covered: BalakotKaghanNaranRamaSkarduShigerChillas Lakes Covered: Lulu SarRamaSheosarSadparaJarba ZouUpper KachuraLower Kachura National Parks Covered: Deosai National Park Trip Diffic…

Simulating Long Exposure in Photoshop

How to Simulate Long Exposure in Photoshop by stacking multiple exposuresTake multiple photos Import in lightroomBatch process the photos Right click and select open as layers in photoshopCalculate shutter speed by number of images by shutter speed usedCalculate ISO by dividing the number of images by ISO usedIn photoshop select all the layersIn edit menu click auto align layersSelect layer menu and select Smart Objects and convert to smart objectSelect layer menu and select Smart Objects and select stack mode and select mean
Good bye ND filters!