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NASA hiring pathans to replace Hubble

After steep budget cuts for NASA to support bombing the oil people the organization's future seems grim. Scientists at the facility are forced to look for cheaper alternatives. Some recent developments have been made however, Patrick Bateman a senior director at NASA announced this Friday that they have made some significant breakthroughs which will lead us to not only continue with the discovery process but reduce the expenditure on a massive scale. “As we speak, negotiations are in place between NASA and people who call themselves pathans ,” said NASA administrator Michael Griffin.

He further added "these people have developed super human skills which are apparently no match for any man made equipment and their skills can be the best thing for NASA after the moon landing." These people are known for their reputation of finding celestial objects even when the most delicate optical instruments fail.

Although officials at NASA are hopeful for successful negotiations, they are still baffled with pathan's keen interest in the planet URANUS. "Although the interests of NASA and pathans are not in unison but for the sake of science we are willing to probe the planet" added Griffin.

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