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So the team lost and guess why because there is a deep controversy behind it. There was a political move behind all this which somehow is not understandable by common people like you and us. The match was fixed for sure. There is no way the incompetency of the players led to what happened. We are better than every other team who spends a lot more team in practice and planning just to make it up for the lack of talent they have. What a bunch of morons.

So that businessmen just made a billion Rupees. Must be a crook and bent the system. The system is flawed. I'm better than that, at least I am honest. What happens if I come to office an hour late at least I'm not ripping off money from poor people like that asshole.

Oh look at this girl's profile picture, what a slut. Let me browse through her photos and try to persuade her to come to light. This is the path of the devil. Kia pata meri naseehat he kaam kar jaye. I'm not looking at the pictures with lust, it is just hatred for this sort of culture. Fucking liberals.

I'm better than these idiots standing in line. Just see how I'll pass these simple minded people sticking behind each other like a bunch of faggots.

Who has time for exercise, this stomach is the sign of a well fed man hehehe. Did you watch the political show last night. Our leaders are idiots and must be burned and buried. Haven't I told you its America behind all this? Oh no I didn't vote, aik vote say kuch nahe hota its already planned. This game is bigger than you and me.

 Rantings of a common Pakistani.


Fahim Akhter said…
Every single fucking day.