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Woes at the Islamabad excise office

So I had the experience of getting a car transferred to my name. And that means going to a public office. I was warned of the woes of other people and was told to spend 5k Rs and just be done with it, I thought how hard it could be. Anyway I messaged my manager that i'll be a 'little' late from the office and went straight to the excise office. I was greeted with a couple of agents outside and they offered to help me against a little fee of 5-6k rs, just to give you an idea of their commission, the real cost of transfer is 1200 Rs, I asked them why this much and he didn't say why but what I assumed from his response that he has to pay other people as well.

The first thing you see when you enter is chaos, queues of people and counters with cryptic titles and you really have no idea where to begin. I head back to the agent and he pointed me in a line to get the forms. I got the forms after 30 minutes in the line and the uncle I bought the car from suggested to get an agent. I told him that these are just forms and how hard they would be to fill. We filled the forms and yeah you guessed it right, we filled them wrong. Got in the queue again got another set and went outside to get them filled by the agent. He took 200rs. So a software engineer and air force retired officer were not able to fill the forms properly. Right now we have wasted more than an hour just to fill the forms.

The whole process is a 6-step process and at each step you have to wait at least 30-40 minutes but the catch is that you might end up in the wrong queue because there is no information desk and you have to rely on asking around people. Also there is a high chance when your turn comes after waiting for 40 minutes your documents are rejected because you missed a step or something. A person told me that his documents were rejected because they were not properly stapled in a file after waiting for 40 minutes. Oh and the office shuts down at 1.30 no matter how many people are in the queue, so if you have waited an hour and you are about to be served and its 1.30 PM. You are screwed.

I think a good solution to this simply adding a couple of information desks which guide the people properly. A lot of time is wasted of both officers and people just because of misunderstanding. Simplifying the forms need to be done as well and it wouldn't take much resources. When people are paying for a service they should be treated like a customer not like a prisoner appealing pardon.